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What to do in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

What to do in Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameroon Highlands is one of the most popular tourist areas that you must visit during your visit to Malaysia. Through this topic, we will get to know these beautiful heights, which are considered to be the true green paradise on the land of the Asian continent one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Malaysia due to its magnificence and the beauty of their charming nature. 
Cameroon Highlands is located 1500 meters above sea level, 200 km from the capital, Kuala Lumpur, you can take a car from the capital Kuala Lumpur and head to it to spend the most beautiful moments and watch the most wonderful landscapes in Malaysia. Where the Cameroon Highlands in Malaysia include one of the largest waterfalls in the world, which is the Cameroon Highland Falls, which are located in the centre of the hill opposite you while you are on your way to the Cameroon Highlands. These highlands are located in the Pahang region in Malaysia and its features as well. In addition to the beauty of its nature are the tea plantations on its lands, as well as tropical trees, fruits and vegetables, as well as the view of waterfalls dropping from the high mountain peaks of high altitude covered by green areas. The highlands also contain many types of plants and trees, as it includes more than 700 types of plants as well in addition to the presence of many wild animals, birds, reptiles and insects, which makes it a reserve for tropical trees, animals, insects and butterflies.

It is worth noting that the highlands are distinguished by their easy location and close to the main roads, which are easily accessible from various cities and regions, as they are about three hours away from Kuala Lumpur.

Among the distinctive activities in the Cameron Highlands are wandering and learning about villages and towns, as well as heritage villages and buildings, and learning about the culture of the Malaysian people. You can also, watch bird landscapes and take pictures of birds flying in the sky. Also, there are exploratory trips inside the jungles of forests in Cameron Highlands, watching and visiting forests and tea farms, as well as strawberry farms and honey apiaries, as well as there, are many high-end restaurants that offer delicious meals that are cooked in a wonderful way that please their visitors.

The best time to visit Cameron Highlands?

November is considered the best month to visit Cameron Highlands. The best From February to April the weather gets a little dry compared to the monsoon season.

Cameron Highlands attracts many visitors, both domestically and internationally.

The most important tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Tea plantations, Cameron Highlands

Tea plantations, Cameron Highlands
Tea plantations, Cameron Highlands

Let us take you on a trip to one of the tourist attractions in Malaysia, which is the Boh Tea Plantation and Factor tea plantations, which are located in the highlands of Cameron Highlands, and the tea plantations span an area of ​​8,000 acres. This area is characterized by a landscape that overlooks it from surrounding mountains and vast green spaces And also the cool and refreshing weather.

Activities to do at the Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

• Enjoy the picturesque landscape of tea plantations, where you find yourself surrounded by mountains covered with greenery on all sides and distinctive trees decorated with flowers. You can also watch workers and workers harvest tea leaves in the early morning hours every day, and of course, you will not find a more wonderful place to take some pictures of the tea plantations.

• The tea plantation area provides a tour inside the tea factory located in the plantation area, where you have the opportunity to see the stages of tea making, from the green leaf stage until it is ready for sale in the markets.

• And to add some adventure and fun to your trip, you should climb the mountains of the Cameroon Heights, where you see a wonderful view of the tea plantations from the top and you can also reach the three waterfalls, which are the largest in Malaysia.

• Do not forget during your tour of the tea plantations to visit the Boh Tea Shop, which is the cafe that offers light foods and various drinks, especially tea, all this on a wonderful view of the heights and the green hills.

Work Hours

Tea factory tours daily from nine in the morning until four-thirty in the afternoon, and are held every half hour. Entrance is free.

Location of the Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands on Google Maps

Strawberries Plantation, Cameron Highlands

Strawberries Plantation, Cameron Highlands
Strawberries Plantation, Cameron Highlands

One of the attractions for tourists in Malaysia, which is worth a visit in the highlands of Cameron Highland, is the Strawberries Plantation. The farms are located in vast green areas along with several important farms such as fruit farms and tea plantations. Cameron Highlands is the main strawberry-growing region in Malaysia, due to the favourable climate for strawberry cultivation.

Activities you can do at Strawberries Plantation in Cameron Highland

• You can visit different strawberry plantations and see the shapes of strawberries planted in the soil or in special seedlings. The most famous of these farms are Red Big Strawberry Farm, Coke Lime Strawberry Farm, Ragoz Hill Strawberry and many more.

• One of the fun things about Strawberries Plantation is that you are allowed to pick strawberries with your hands and eat them directly or eat strawberries that are picked by workers directly from the farms.

• You can also go to the huts to make souvenirs, gifts, clothes and toys in the form of strawberry fruits to buy some of these special products.

• You should also go to cafes or restaurants near Strawberries Plantation, where you will find that dishes, drinks and desserts include strawberries or their flavour, and you can also buy some food products made or mixed with strawberry flavour or made from the same fruit, such as jam, biscuits, etc.

Cameron Highlands Strawberries Plantation location on Google Maps

Cameron Highlands, Butterfly Garden

Cameron Highlands, Butterfly Garden
Cameron Highlands, Butterfly Garden

One of the beautiful sights in Cameron Highlands that you must visit when tourism in Malaysia is the Cameron Highlands Butterfly Garden the Butterfly Garden is a miniature tropical forest with 15 thousand plants, along with many trees and roses and of course a huge number of butterflies. 6000 butterflies are the largest in the world.

Activities you can do inside the Cameron Highlands Butterfly Park

• Walk inside the park and enjoy watching the nature around you, where trees, plants and butterflies have wonderful colours and different sizes and include a group of rare butterflies that are difficult for you to see anywhere else in the world.

• Then you have to go through the hall dedicated to mummified butterflies of different shapes, colours and sizes, and it is distinguished that you can choose from among those butterflies to buy as a souvenir.

• You can take a look at the ponds and channels that contain colourful ornamental fish, as well as glass tanks that contain rare reptiles such as turtles and frogs.

Every day from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

Entrance fees
RM20 for adults.
RM10 for children.

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Garden location on Google Maps

Robinson Falls, Cameron Highlands

Robinson Falls, Cameron Highlands
Robinson Falls, Cameron Highlands

Robinson Falls is one of the most important tourist places in Malaysia and one of the most famous waterfalls in Malaysia, especially in the Cameron Highlands region, where it is located in the middle of the Cameron Highlands at an altitude of 200 meters and you can reach it through a corridor of the forest full of greenery and trees, and this is why the waterfalls are distinguished by their presence in the middle of nature, which makes it more beautiful.

Activities to do at Robinson Falls, Cameron Highland

• Just wandering around Robinson Falls is an adventure and fun at the same time as it is a journey around nature from the greenery, trees and water of the waterfalls that descend from the heart of the mountains creating a wonderful sound that makes your trip a real pleasure.

• If you are ready, you can swim in the water below the waterfall, even though this water is cold most of the year, waterfall goers usually enjoy swimming in these waters.

• You can also use the stalls and shops that buy fast food and drinks in the area and you can also buy some gifts and souvenirs.

Robinson Falls, Cameron Highlands location on Google Maps

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm, Cameron Highlands

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm, Cameron Highlands
Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands has several honeybee farms. They grow various flowers as the honey bees’ food source. The honey bees will extract nectars which are then converted into honey. These honey bee farms also sell their honey and some other honey-related products. The honey bee farms in Cameron Highlands are quite well maintained which makes visiting them worthwhile. The more established and better honey bee farm among them is the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm which will be a great destination to visit.

Visiting Hours

Daily – 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM

Entrance fees 

Entrance is free.

The large honey bee farm consists of different sections which include a shopping gallery, an indoor maze for children which is charged, a vegetable market, a mini-museum and a cafeteria within the main building. 

There are a few things to do in Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

• Tour the bee farm enclosure, buy souvenirs from the shopping gallery, visit the mini-museum and chill at the cafeteria. 

• Once you enter the sanctuary, you can see bees flying all around to the flowers to collect nectars. You can see many beehive boxes in the garden and a few cute statues of bees. 

• For visitors who love buying honey as a gift, the gift shop sells a wide range of honey-related products.

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm location on Google Maps

Cameron Highland's best hotels

The region includes some of the best resorts and hotels in Malaysia, and Cameron Highlands attracts many domestic and international visitors.

In this article, we present to you a group of the recommended Cameron Highlands hotels in Malaysia

Recommended hotels in Cameron Highlands

Best 5-star Hotels in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Resort

Cameron Highlands 5 stars best hotel
Cameron Highlands Resort

Cameron Highlands Resort is one of the best 5-star Cameron Highlands hotels, as it provides luxurious accommodation in a wonderful building in the middle of the mountains where temperatures are moderate most of the year, and it features panoramic views of the golf course and green spaces, so it was one of the best options for visitors.

In this article, we will let you know more details about Cameron Highlands Resort, and start with the most important features.

The most important features that Cameron Highlands offers

The hotel features rooms with a charming view of the natural heights, all designed with attractive décor that includes all facilities for the comfort of guests, with the availability of non-smoking rooms and connecting rooms.

The hotel includes all recreational activities, including wellness and spa centre, fitness centre, massages, and there are babysitting services and other services for children with additional fees, and it also includes a tour desk and a 24-hour front desk.

The Aquatic Cameron Highlands Hotel includes a designated smoking area. It also includes a car rental service, with a wake-up service, a shuttle service to and from the airport with free parking available, and the hotel has a 3 km golf course.

Dining options

The resort includes four restaurants serving delicious meals from local and international restaurants with seafood.

Available rooms

Deluxe double or twin room, 37 square meters.

Junior suite, wing area 51 square meters.

Room rates 

Room prices during the tourist season start at $ 160, while suite prices start at $ 209.

The rate varies according to the size and type of the room, and the price may decrease slightly outside the tourist season.

Guest Reviews of the hotel are great in terms of staff, hygiene, comfort, facilities, and free Wi-Fi.

While some commented on the high price of the hotel.


Cameron Highlands Resort location on Google Maps 

The hotel is 2 km from Sam Po Temple, about 900 meters from Sri Thandaiothani Swami Temple, 17.5 km from Poh Tea Farm and 1.7 km from Strawberry Farm.

The Lakehouse Hotel, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands 5 stars best hotel
The Lake House Hotel

One of the best Cameron Highlands hotels is located at an altitude of 1 km above sea level, overlooking Sultan Abu Bakr Lake. Ipoh is a 90-minute drive away.

The hotel includes a tour desk, concierge service, facilities for people with special needs, non-smoking rooms, and a bridal suite.

Guests review summary

The Lake House Hotel, one of the best hotels in Cameron Highland, has received great reviews in terms of location, cleanliness, services, comfort, staff and facilities.


Cameron Highlands 4 Stars hotels

Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel

Cameron Highlands 4 Stars hotels
Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel

One of the best Cameron Highlands hotels is just 1 km from the various vegetable and fruit farms. Many attractions can be reached nearby, including Robinson Waterfall and Butterfly Farm.

The hotel has a fitness centre, a year-round indoor pool, a 24-hour front desk, a concierge service, and a spa and wellness centre with an additional fee.

Copthorne is one of the most luxurious hotels in Cameroon Highlands Malaysia, with good reviews for location, cleanliness, staff, value for money and comfort.


Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands 4 Stars hotels

Strawberry Park Resort

One of the best Cameron Highlands hotels, Cameron Highlands Golf Course is a 5-minute drive away and the Night Market can be reached within 10 minutes by car. 

Songhai Palace Tea Ranch is a 45-minute drive from the hotel.

The hotel offers a tour desk, an indoor pool, a wellness centre, a massage spa, a sauna and a hot tub/jacuzzi for an additional fee.

Strawberry Park, one of the best hotels in Cameroon Highland, received good reviews for its beautiful view, quiet location, and helpful staff.

Location far from services and weak WiFi.


Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands 4 Stars hotels
Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands

An elegant hotel in Cameron Highlands located 1.5 meters above sea level, surrounded by tropical forests and a 10-minute walk from downtown Tanah Rata.

The hotel has a concierge service, a tour desk, a 24-hour front desk, and a games room.

Heritage best hotel in Cameroon Highlands got very good reviews in terms of location, cleanliness, staff and facilities.

Weak wifi.


Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands 4 Stars hotels
Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highlands

One of the best Cameron Highlands hotels is located at an altitude of 1.5 meters above sea level, 3 km from the rose farm and 7 km from the Pooh Tea Plantation.

The hotel offers a fitness centre, facilities for people with special needs, a 24-hour front desk, and a tour desk.

Century Pines, one of the leading hotels in Cameroon Highland, has received good reviews in location, facilities, staff, value for money, and comfort.


Tourists asking about Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

What is the best and most suitable place to live in Cameron Highland?

It depends on the visitors' own preference for the location, for example:

Tanah Rata is the best residential area in Cameron Highlands for those looking for accommodation close to tea plantations, greenery, and famous temples.

For lovers of historical museums and open gardens, the Brinchang Core is a great area

In our article, we have collected the best Cameron Highlands hotels that we recommend visiting, with the features of each of them.

What is the average cost to stay in a Cameron Highlands hotel per night?

This depends on the hotel's classification and the location of the tourist attractions, in addition to several other factors.

In this Cameroon Highlands Malaysia hotel directory, you will find the best and most appropriate accommodation options in terms of price, quality of services and facilities.

What are the best (and highest-rated) Cameroon Highlands hotels?

Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel, Heritage Cameron Highlands Hotel, and Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands are all high-end hotels that have received the best reviews from visitors.

The prices are considered cheap compared to other Cameroon Highlands hotels.

What is the best hotel in Cameroon Highlands for a honeymoon?

The Lake House Cameron Highlands, Heritage Cameron Highlands Hotel, Cameron Highlands Resort is the most beautiful Cameron Highlands hotel with romantic views and facilities suitable for newlyweds and has received high reviews from couples.

Which hotels in Cameron Highlands are recommended for a nice view?

The Century Pines Cameron Highlands Resort, Cameron Highlands Resort, and The Lake House Cameron Highlands are among the best hotels in Cameron Highland, which boast vivid views of Cameron Highland's skyline and lush greenery, according to visitors' reviews.