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Dahab, Egypt - Best Beach & Diving Destination in the World


Dahab, Egypt - The Best Beach & Diving Destination in the World

Dahab, that charming Egyptian city, which was named after its sand, is coloured in pure gold. Dahab is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt in South Sinai because of its pristine beaches that derive their gorgeous view from the Gulf of Aqaba, and its coral reefs, forests and marine creatures from the magic of the Red Sea, with deserts, mountains and reserves tempting you to add safari and camping to your list of plans for a tourism trip in Dahab.

During the article, we will discuss the most important tourist places in Dahab, to learn what is the difference between the city of Dahab in pictures and the most beautiful reality of any picture.

Dahab includes an infinite number of tourist places that are popular with tourists from everywhere to enjoy its beauty and charm, the most important of which are:

Abu Galum Reserve or Wadi Al-Rasasa

Abu Galum - Dahab
Abu Galum - Dahab - Egypt

One of the most important tourist places in Dahab that tourists are willing to visit because it includes wild and marine life that no other place in the world provides.

The reserve includes hundreds of coral reefs, rare coloured fish, endangered birds, plants, and animals, in addition to a series of caves that extend up to 100 meters underwater.

Coral Island

Coral Island - Dahab - Egypt
Coral Island - Dahab - Egypt

One of the best tourist places in Dahab, close to the Palestinian borders, for anyone looking for the beauty of nature combined with the classics of ancient monuments.

The island is classified as one of the most important diving sites in the tourist city of Dahab, due to its stunning coral reefs close to the surface of the water that can be easily seen even by non-professionals in diving and diving.

Lagona Island

Lagona Island - Dahab - Egypt
Lagona Island - Dahab - Egypt

One of the best places in Dahab for those who do not like the rocky beaches, as there is the only sandy beach in the city.

The island is one of the most important diving and diving sites in Dahab because it contains rare fish and colourful and picturesque coral reefs that make professional divers come from everywhere in the world to see its beauty.

For amateurs or people with limited experience in the matter, there is no need to worry, as the island includes famous and internationally accredited diving training centres.

El Masbat St

El Masbat St - Dahab - Egypt
El Masbat St - Dahab - Egypt

One of the recommended areas to visit during tourism is Dahab, as the area is distinguished by its special and different glamour and charm, unlike other Dahab landmarks that are associated with the beaches, marine resources and nature reserves.

Relaxing - Dahab - Egypt
Relaxing - Dahab - Egypt

El Masbat St. is famous for its array of shops, squares, restaurants, and trendy cafes, as well as diving clubs and Dahab resorts and hotels.

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole - Dahab - Egypt
The Blue Hole - Dahab - Egypt

One of the most important areas that hundreds of thousands of people visit annually, especially diving professionals and adventurers, during the tourism trip in Dahab, despite the danger of the place.

The blue hole includes attractive scenes of the interaction of light with plants, marine creatures, and the sea with mountains, and the danger of the hole comes from containing a group of deceptive caves that appear less deep than their true depth.

Dahab, Egypt

Diving in Dahab, Egypt 

Water sports in Dahab

Water Sports - Dahab - Egypt
Water Sports - Dahab - Egypt

With all these magnificent coral reefs, rare marine creatures, and the magic that its beaches enjoy, it is unimaginable that the Dahab region in Egypt is not one of the most important areas for practising water sports such as diving, diving, kite-surfing and kayaking, and perhaps the most important diving sites on the island of Dahab:

Blue Hole, Lagona Island, Isle Garden, North Dahab, Al Waha. In addition to 30 internationally accredited centres for diving training, be sure not to miss an adventure like this while tourism in Dahab.

Diving sites in Dahab

Diving Sites - Dahab - Egypt
Diving Sites - Dahab - Egypt

  • The Canyon or "Canyon" dive site might just be one of Dahab's most famous and popular sites.
  • Bells (Blue Hole).
  • Islands. 
  • Moray Garden. 
  • Golden Blocks. 
  • Bannerfish Bay.

Coral Reef – Diving - Dahab - Egypt
Coral Reef – Diving - Dahab - Egypt

Safari and camping in Dahab

Camping and Safari - Dahab - Egypt
Camping and Safari - Dahab - Egypt

The deserts and the Sinai mountains in the tourist city of Dahab are the ideal and distinctive destinations for adventurers who like safari, camping and mountain climbing, where you can wander through them by car and four-wheel drive bikes while experiencing the Bedouin lifestyle, barbecues and local food.

Sunset - Dahab - Egypt
Sunset - Dahab - Egypt

Best hotels in Dahab

Dahab succeeded in attracting tourists from all over because it provided them with the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves, and it provided them with a valuable group of hotels that represent hotel professionalism in its best form. 

Based on its tourism position among the visitors, we find that Dahab hotels compete with each other with the utmost of their hotel capabilities. To provide guests with an incredible stay, they even compete with the most powerful hotels in Egypt.

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